Patriotic Home Improvements

Several flag retailers have recently reported increased sales due to an increase of patriotic home improvements. Apparently, there’s nothing like strife to bring out feelings of patriotism in Americans. The citizens of the United States have definitely been undergoing lots of strife lately.

One of the major home improvements involved in this patriotic trend is the installation of flagpoles. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of installing mounting brackets or placing 10% of the flagpole into a sleeve you’ve placed into a hole in the ground and cementing the sleeve into place. After the brackets or sleeve is in place, you simply hoist the flag.

You may want to make some patriotic home improvements for your 4th of July celebration. If you’re going to install a flagpole, you’ll need to consider the cost, desired appearance, size/dimensions, necessary flagpole strength, and what installation materials will be needed. The most common types of residential flagpoles are wall-mounted, classical in-ground, and telescopic. The taller and the bigger the pole and flag are, then the higher the price becomes. Moreover, accessorizing the flagpole with plants or ornaments will increase the price.

Also, you should be aware of the proper way to display your flag. Just as there are proper etiquette protocols for social behavior and internet usage, so there are proper flag protocols as well. There are also numerous federal, state, and city ordinances and regulations that give guidance on how to show respect for the American flag and its representations.

Basically, the flag code states:

1. The flag should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset when on buildings and on stationary flagpoles in the open, unless the flag is properly illuminated.

2. The flag is supposed to be briskly raised and ceremoniously lowered.

3. Unless the flag is weatherproof, it shouldn’t be flown in inclement weather.

4. It’s improper to place any other flag of pennant above or on the right of the U.S. flag, if flown at the same level as the American flag. The only exceptions to this rule are for Navy chaplains when they’re conducting church services, and the flag display at the United Nations headquarters. International protocol calls for all national flags to be flown at the same height, with the same size flag during peace time, and the United Nations flag is given the place of honor at the U.N. headquarters. When there’s a group of flags, the U.S. flag should be raised first, and be the last one to be lowered.

5. If you’re displaying the U.S. flag with another flag against a wall, using crossed staffs, then the U.S. flag should be on the viewer’s left (the flag’s right), and its staff should be in front of the other flag’s staff.

6. The U.S. flag should be displayed at the center and highest point of any group of non-national flags, such as state, local, or societal pennants and flags, if they’re on staffs.

7. The flag should be hung from a staff projecting horizontally or at an angle from the window sill, balcony, or front of a building, with the union (blue field with stars) being places at the top of the staff. When the flag is hung over a sidewalk from a rope stretching from the house to a pole, the flag should be hoisted out from the building, with the union first.

8. The flag should never be flown at half-staff unless it’s been officially proclaimed by the President of the United States or the state governor as a day of mourning. When flying a flag at half-staff, hoist it to the top first, and then lower it half way. Before retiring the half-masted flag for the night, raise it to the peak and then lower it.

9. Never display the U.S. flag with the union down, unless using it as a dire distress signal in cases of extreme danger to life or property.

10. Never let the flag touch anything below it, such as the ground or floor.

11. Never display, fasten, use, or store the flag is any manner which allows it to be easily soiled, torn, or damaged, and never use the flag for advertising purposes in any manner. Never place or attach any mark, picture, design, words, or anything else to the U.S. flag.

12. Never use the flag as a ceiling cover, or as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.

13. Never display a soiled, tattered, or otherwise badly damaged flag. Properly dispose of the old flag by burning it, and replace it with a new flag.

14. When hanging a flag on the wall or window, always place the union where it’s to the left of the viewer. For the window, this means the viewer who is standing outside the building, looking in.

Flying the Stars and Stripes on Flag Day – Should You Fly it Other Days Too?

Rochester, Minnesota is my home town. While I can’t speak for all Minnesotans, I can say many of them fly the American flag. You see it on farm houses, grain elevators, construction sites, apartment buildings, public buildings, and private homes. Some even put flags on cars and motorcycles.

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Winona, an historic town on the Mississippi River. Instead of taking the highway, we drove back roads to see the green countryside and hardwood forests. Flags lined the main streets of small, rural towns. Flags were flying in front of churches and schools. One patriotic farmer had a flag on his propane tank.

Seeing Old Glory wave in the breeze was heartwarming. Minnesotans are independent people and, while some think flying the flag is sentimental nonsense, some state residents fly it year-round — sun and snow, dry weather and wet, day and night. Years ago, flags had to be taken down when it got dark. This has changed. Now flags can be flown at night, and they are supposed to be illuminated.

You may have been thinking of getting a flag. Weather is the first thing to consider. Do you live in a windy place? High winds can literally rip a flag to pieces. Take the flag down immediately if the wind speed reaches 20 or more miles an hour. “When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms,” notes the USA Flag Website.

Fabric is the next thing to consider. The Flag Stuff Website compares nylon, polyester, and bulldog cotton, “the trade name for a heavy-weight outdoor cotton.” According to the Website, the open weave of this material allows air to pass through. The Flag-Works Website recommends 100% spun polyester for its strength and durability and says it can withstand high winds.

Moisture damages fabric and can create mold, so you should never fold a wet flag or put it away wet. Check the flag regularly for signs of wear. Look for fraying corners, loose threads, and raveling hems. You don’t have to replace a tattered flag; the worn part can be cut off and the flag can be re-hemmed.

Keeping a flag clean helps it to last longer. The USA Flag Website says pollution damages flags. So when the white stripes start to look gray it is time to wash the flag. Use a mild detergent, rinse it well, and air dry on a clothesline. Never lay a flag on the ground to dry.

Keep an eye on your flag. Several times now, pranksters have stolen the giant flag in front of Perkin’s Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota. Why they wanted it is still a mystery. You may wish to take an expensive flag in at night. A new or worn flag should never be used for decorative purposes — clothing, quilts, pillows, handbags, costumes, or a tablecloth.

The flags we saw on the way to Winona were in honor of Flag Day. Long after the day has passed, I am sure many flags will still be flyng. Midwesterners, in general, honor the flag. September 11th brought Americans together. You can keep this spirit alive by flying the stars and stripes at your place.

Copyright 2009 by Harriet Hodgson

Spice Up A Dull Yard With A Unique Flag Pole

Are you thinking of purchasing and setting up flag poles on the grounds of your office building or simply personal home? Flags are usually a wonderful way to advertise your business. They may also be used to indicate an individual’s patriotism and also help support on your company. You can also start using a flag to display your family crest. In order to get the best visibility for your flag, there are some things you ought to do.

To start with, an individual needs to ensure that your particular flag pole is definitely the proper height. Virtually all rods are in excess of ten feet taller than the particular buildings they are in front of. Next, you want to make certain the flag is going to be proportional in size to the pole. You do not want a flag that appears far too tiny or a flag which will dwarfs the pole. Also you probably want to have safety and security procedures set to guard the flag from theft, vandalism, or even mistakenly injuring a passerby.

Do you want to purchase poles but are unsure exactly how much they should cost? No-one likes getting cheated by means of dishonest retailers selling products at foolish prices. As well, in these tough financial times, you want to ensure that you are saving every last cent you receive. That’s the reason you should do your homework before buying a flag pole.

Most poles are usually not cheap at all. In fact, the common flag pole could cost anywhere from around one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars! Knowing this fact and being aware of the price before going to buy will save you a lot of time and even assist you to figure out the proper kind of flag pole for you.

Do you want flags for your business or government building, but are uncertain which type to order? Ensuring that you buy the perfect sized pole is critical to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the home or maybe office. Any pole too large for the lot it is placed on are often very unpleasant. Also, several of these are created from materials that will allow them to be a little more durable compared to other shafts. Finally, you should consider the size and style as well as color scheme of the flag that will be mounted to it.

“Large Sized” poles can be as high as one hundred feet. These kind of flags are ideal for industrial areas like car lots and office buildings. The majority of flag pole ranges anywhere from around fifteen to eighty feet high. The next thing to think about would be the material used to produce the flag pole. Steel is best for places that see high amounts of human traffic and might be touched a whole lot. Aluminum is best for non commercial locations.

Are you searching for methods to install flag poles? Making sure the flagpole is actually correctly installed is very important. Not only will it be sure your flag flies properly, it will also keep people near it safe.

First, dig a deep hole. Then place the pole in it. After that, you should add concrete. The next day your flag pole should be ready to fly your flags

How Flags Are Not Just For Your Country Or State

When most people think of flags, they think of the American flag flying over government buildings or even on many residential homes during holidays like Fourth of July. Some people may recognize their state flag as well as it often flies just below the American flag on a large flagpole. There are actually a lot of different types of flags around and ones that can be custom made for a variety types of businesses or banner flags that are hung to celebrate a particular team or school. Some flag stores or shops not only sell flags from different states and countries but can make a flag, banner or pennant for just about anything you want and they can also go to your home or place of business and do flag pole installation too. This will discuss some of those unique ways to order a special flag and why it is a great item to have.

With the real estate market being in such a slump due to the economy, a great eye catching way to advertise a home for sale or your business may be to have some spectacular banners with your company logo on it made. These may be flown outside a home you are trying to sell for a client or just around town to catch some new prospective clients eyes. It is different than a billboard and that is just what you may need to catch a future clients attention. Other banners that say For Sale flying in front of a house may be a nice change from the traditional for sale sign stuck in the front yard also.

Another way groups need a flag store is to get a custom made banner that has their team logo on it to bring to their games, tournaments or events. Homemade signs are no longer good enough, but a professionally made banner that can be hung on a wall or a fence where the team will compete makes a great impact and lets the team and all of their competitors that they have arrived to win. At a recent national synchronized swimming meet, most of the teams from all over the country had special banners with their team logo on it hanging on all of the walls surrounding the aquatic center. They were in a variety of sizes and shapes and are an easy thing for the team to fold up and pack away in their bags to bring to their next competition.

A lot of people feel great pride in their college or university and like to hang their school flag on game days, for example. Another place where college pennants are hung are in high school guidance counseling offices where students are getting ready for the college application process and may see a college that they like hanging on the wall.

The next time you want a sign or wish to celebrate your favorite team, school or even advertise for your business, think about getting a customized flag or banner as an alternative.