Home Staging for the 4th of July

Statistics vary for the benefits of home staging for selling houses. According to a report by the Christian Science Monitor, March 2006, staged homes sell for 7.4 percent more and in half the time. Some home stagers claim that staged luxury homes sell for 50 percent more. Whatever the statistics say, your chances of getting top dollar and selling faster increase when you decorate to sell.

The practice of grooming a house before listing the property for sale has evolved from the “make it neutral” methods of the 1970s to decorating for the profiled home buyers. New home staging strategies include holiday decorating. Homes decorated for holiday celebrations speak to home shoppers.

The 4th of July gives home sellers double psychological benefits. Not only do homes decked out with patriotic reinforcers make buyers feel connected to the community, the decorations make buyers feel like the home offers perfect entertaining opportunities.

Stars, Stripes, and Swags

During the 4th of July preparations, welcome buyers with patriotic flags or banners. If you have a front porch, swaged bunting or pleated fans with red, white, and blue stripes look great. Look for bunting that has sewn stripes, not printed, and clean finished edges.
(Pleated fans source [http://independence-bunting.com/Merchant/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=cpfan1])

How to Display Flags

American flags require specific etiquette for respect. The American flag should proudly stand above any other flags, such as your state or personal flag. Hang flags vertically or horizontally with stars positioned at the top left-hand corner when facing the flag. Flags should never touch the ground and should be taken down or illuminated after dark. Add small decorative flags to embellish wreaths and potted plants.

Red, white, and blue streamers, ribbons, and flowers finish the staged home’s exterior. You can find many flowering annuals at your local nursery in patriotic colors. Use abundant white because it shows up best after dark. Even though buyers like to look at houses during the day, they frequently drive by at night.

Continue the party and patriotic theme inside with fresh flowers. Red roses, white Baby’s Breath, white statice, blue statice and blue Belladonna make great-looking arrangements. Add little flags, ribbons, and streamers to greenery for simple but effective display.

Staging your home for the 4th of July helps create a buyers’ “Dream Home” and makes you feel great at the same time!

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Golf Garden Flags: Why They Are So Important to Have Around Your Home

When it comes to beautifying the garden in your home, it could be a daunting task. This is because people find it hard to make their gardens look beautiful besides planting hordes of flowers. There are great ways that you can make your garden or lawn look attractive. Use golf garden flags to add style and class to an otherwise boring looking garden.

One major reason you should consider using golf flags in your garden is that they are affordable and easy to make yourself. These customized flags, when uniquely manufactured by you, will suit different tastes and preferences.

You can make golfing garden flags from fabrics, rods and glue. If you are not the crafty type, you can buy already made flags from many internet companies. This makes the work easy for you, especially if you are not great with making things by hand.

The possibilities of using these unique flags in your garden are endless. You can use specific colors, initials or any design that comes to mind. If you choose to plant flowers, it might take time and effort. Furthermore, professional gardeners do not come cheap and will definitely take a chunk out of your resources.

Garden flags take very little time to set-up and are dirt-cheap. These flags are handy during tough economic times because they save you a lot of money. Besides, being cost-effective, golfing flags are also cheap to keep up. Once you put them up it takes months before they need cleaning or replacement. If you buy quality flags, you can use them for over year without bothering about them.

Another good thing about these unique flags is their portability. It is impossible to move flowers or fountains. However, when it comes to these flags, you can move them anywhere. This offers you a lot of convenience and flexibility. For example, if you plan a candle light dinner in your garden, you can remove the flags to create more space and return them when finished.

Golf garden flags serve multiple purposes. You can even use them to offer directions if you have a mazy garden or large lawn. You can also use these flags to give directions to your home or a venue that is not exactly easy to find. Weddings, parties and ceremonies held in places that people are not exactly familiar with; flags make it easy for everyone to find their bearings and not get lost.

About American Flags – When and Where American Flags Are Displayed

If you’re an American citizen, you might purchase a flag at some point, for a holiday, ceremony, or to display on your property as a form of patriotism. For a standard American flag, cotton and polyester versions of the stars and stripes can be found. As, in many cases, the flag will need to stay outside, the material should be strong enough to withstand water, the sun, and wind. Although brick-and-mortar stores selling exclusively American flags are hard to come by, online retailers sell flags with setup equipment like flagpoles and stands. American flags should be displayed at schools and government buildings, and they can be displayed in your home for various reasons.

Holidays, such as July 4th, are often times to display the flag. If you go through any city or town, American flags are almost always on display around this time of year. Although patriotism is appropriate at all times, July 4th is the national day of independence, and showing your pride is accepted all around. July 4th isn’t the only holiday in which American flags are displayed prominently, and other summer holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day have flags displayed prominently to symbolize values associated with it.

Holidays aren’t the only times in which the flag is displayed prominently. In fact, American flags should be on display in public schools and government buildings. When you were a student, you probably remember a standard size flag displayed in your school’s auditorium. A smaller flag might have been displayed in your classroom each day, so that when you said the Pledge of Allegiance, you and your classmates could turn in the direction of the flag. In addition, a larger flag would have been displayed on a tall flagpole outside. Government organizations and buildings may not have their workers say the Pledge every day, but having at least an American flag outside is necessary.

What if you want to display an American flag in your home? Many who served in the military or those who are simply proud Americans want to display a flag on their properties. Displaying American flags is legal, but all flags need to be displayed according to the Flag Code. The Flag Code specifies how American flags can be displayed, and this includes the direction and how the flag is facing, and also how the flag should be disposed of once it is too tattered to be flown.

Six Flags’ Most Popular Roller Coasters

Nearly all thrill seekers love a good roller coaster. And, there’s no better place to find a thrilling coaster ride than a Six Flags park. Each of the 15 Six Flags parks is unique, but they share a common vision of bringing the thrill seeker the best there is in roller coaster rides. Each year, Six Flags’ coasters travel more than 2.5 million miles. Some of the most popular coasters at Six Flags parks include:

The Riddler’s Revenge- Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the Riddler’s Revenge, a stand up roller coaster that boasts speeds of 65 miles per hour and offers two 360Ës loops. The coaster stands 156 feet off the ground. The ride is over three minutes long and travels nearly a mile.

Goliath – Also at Magic Mountain as well as Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags Fiesta Texas is Goliath, one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters around. It travels more than 85 miles per hour and towers 255 feet off the ground, with a 225 foot underground tunnel.

Batman: The Ride – At Six Flags over Georgia, Great America in Chicago, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and Six Flags over Texas, you’ll find Batman: The Ride, a coaster that’s eleven stories tall with two vertical loops and two corkscrews.

Superman: Ultimate Flight – Six Flags over Georgia, Great America and Great Adventure are home to a ride that might just be the closest thing to flying! Superman is a flying coaster that rockets you face first through nearly 3000 feet of track at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

Raging Bull – At Six Flags Great America you can simulate the sensation of Pamplona’s Running with the Bulls on the Raging Bull roller coaster. This coaster travels at over 70 miles per hour with an initial drop of 65 feet.

Batwing – Another Batman inspired coaster is found at Six Flags America in Baltimore. This coaster is over 11 stories high and also simulates the feel of flying at over 50 miles per hour.

Superman: Ride of Steel – Another Superman inspired coaster can be found at Six Flags New England and at Six Flags America. Superman: Ride of Steel has been named the “best coaster on the planet” by Amusement Today magazine, and was named “best steel coaster” award from Golden Ticket for four years. It stands over 21 stories tall and travels at over 77 miles per hour. This ride is being revamped in 2009 for even more thrills.

Medusa – Six Flags Great Adventure is home to Medusa, the world’s first floorless roller coaster. Medusa opened in 2001, and will get a major renovation for 2009 that will make this a multi-sensory experience for the thrill seeker.

Six Flags visitors are never disappointed by the thrills and chills of the roller coasters found at each and every park. When you visit Six Flags this year, don’t miss the chance to ride some of the best and most exciting roller coasters in the world.

Read more about Six Flags Amusement Parks at www.season-passes.com.

What Are the Most Popular Holiday Flags?

Flags aren’t just for pride in our countries any more – many people are choosing to display them for holidays and other special occasions, too. That means that there’s a wide variety of holiday flags available, from Valentine’s Day and Easter flags to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and everything that comes in between. Here are some of the options you’ll see in the most popular holiday flags on the market.

New Year’s Flags are getting more popular, and tend to be mostly party oriented. Some can be reused year after year, but others have the date printed or sewn on them. You may also see patriotic New Year’s flags, featuring the Stars and Stripes in various arrangements. You can order custom flags and choose from many sizes and colors. For other cultures that don’t celebrate the traditional January 1st New Year, there are still New Year’s flags. Chinese New Year flags and ones for other cultures are also available.

Valentine’s Day Flags are flown in early February, once thought to be the beginning of birds’ mating season. Hearts are an ever popular choice, but you’ll see Cupid flags, balloon patterns, arrows and roses. For those who want to fly a seasonal flag but aren’t happy about the holiday, there are broken heart flags. You’ll see Valentine’s day flags at parties, on homes, or even in a restaurant for the occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day Flags are also popular. They come in every shade of green, and feature emblems and designs that people associate with the Irish. That means you’ll see pots of gold and leprechauns, rainbows, shamrocks, and other symbols, as well as the Irish National flag. These flags will be flown both inside and outside, in parades on St. Patrick’s day, on people’s homes, and in pubs and bars.

Easter Flags are another popular choice, whether they’re secular or religious. You’ll see rabbits and chicks, Easter eggs, lilies, spring items and other symbols on flags. These are fun flags to display at kids’ parties, or just because you’re happy to see Spring. For those who prefer a strong religious statement, crosses and other more traditional Easter symbols are also available for display. They’ll remind passers by that Easter isn’t just about chocolate.

Flags for the Fourth of July are also available. Not all of them are just the American flag. You can find various historical versions of this flag, as well as fireworks flags, flags with the Stars and Stripes in different arrangements, and other patriotic designs to fly proudly.

Thanksgiving Flags are seeing a rise in popularity, both indoors and outside. You’ll find flags with pilgrims, the Mayflower, and native Americans on them, flags featuring the cornucopia or other fall harvest symbols, scarecrows, turkeys, and lots of flags with food designs. These can be seen during Thanksgiving Day parades, or just on the front porches of people who are enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas is a season for flags, too. Like Easter, it’s developed its own secular symbols, in addition to the religious ones. That means you’ll see crosses and nativity flags, as well as holly and ivy. You may see Christmas tree flags, candy cane flags, Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, Christmas lights, and lots more.