What Are the Most Popular Holiday Flags?

Flags aren’t just for pride in our countries any more – many people are choosing to display them for holidays and other special occasions, too. That means that there’s a wide variety of holiday flags available, from Valentine’s Day and Easter flags to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and everything that comes in between. Here are some of the options you’ll see in the most popular holiday flags on the market.

New Year’s Flags are getting more popular, and tend to be mostly party oriented. Some can be reused year after year, but others have the date printed or sewn on them. You may also see patriotic New Year’s flags, featuring the Stars and Stripes in various arrangements. You can order custom flags and choose from many sizes and colors. For other cultures that don’t celebrate the traditional January 1st New Year, there are still New Year’s flags. Chinese New Year flags and ones for other cultures are also available.

Valentine’s Day Flags are flown in early February, once thought to be the beginning of birds’ mating season. Hearts are an ever popular choice, but you’ll see Cupid flags, balloon patterns, arrows and roses. For those who want to fly a seasonal flag but aren’t happy about the holiday, there are broken heart flags. You’ll see Valentine’s day flags at parties, on homes, or even in a restaurant for the occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day Flags are also popular. They come in every shade of green, and feature emblems and designs that people associate with the Irish. That means you’ll see pots of gold and leprechauns, rainbows, shamrocks, and other symbols, as well as the Irish National flag. These flags will be flown both inside and outside, in parades on St. Patrick’s day, on people’s homes, and in pubs and bars.

Easter Flags are another popular choice, whether they’re secular or religious. You’ll see rabbits and chicks, Easter eggs, lilies, spring items and other symbols on flags. These are fun flags to display at kids’ parties, or just because you’re happy to see Spring. For those who prefer a strong religious statement, crosses and other more traditional Easter symbols are also available for display. They’ll remind passers by that Easter isn’t just about chocolate.

Flags for the Fourth of July are also available. Not all of them are just the American flag. You can find various historical versions of this flag, as well as fireworks flags, flags with the Stars and Stripes in different arrangements, and other patriotic designs to fly proudly.

Thanksgiving Flags are seeing a rise in popularity, both indoors and outside. You’ll find flags with pilgrims, the Mayflower, and native Americans on them, flags featuring the cornucopia or other fall harvest symbols, scarecrows, turkeys, and lots of flags with food designs. These can be seen during Thanksgiving Day parades, or just on the front porches of people who are enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas is a season for flags, too. Like Easter, it’s developed its own secular symbols, in addition to the religious ones. That means you’ll see crosses and nativity flags, as well as holly and ivy. You may see Christmas tree flags, candy cane flags, Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, Christmas lights, and lots more.